We are highly dedicated in Export of Ethiopian renowned Guji speciality coffee which is known for its premium quality and grade. We process our coffee with care and diligence to make sure our esteemed clients get the best coffee beans. We also export Speciality and commercial coffees from different regions such as Yirgacheffee, Sidama, Limmu, Lekemti, Jimma and Harrar regions.

We export oil seeds such as sesame seed, sunflower seed, peanut and others. Pulses and spices include chick pea, ginger, cinnamon, and black cumin.

We export Gemstones like Emerald, Sapphire, Opal, and industrial metals like Manganese, Chromite, Nickel, Copper and others.


Providing quality product and service that exceeds expectations to build a long lasting relationship with our esteemed customers around the world.


Building our credibility and trust with our valued customers through quality, integrity, convenience and customer satisfaction.


We deliver the best quality products and services

We believe in honesty

Our qualified and well experienced staff makes us Reliable and efficient

We are always open to learn, upgrade and improve